We’re proud to be innovators in alternative and indie publishing.

Our history

In 2009, we were among the first publishing houses to charge nothing for our editing and pre-press services. Our fee was 10% of the cover price (or $1 per copy) for each book sold. If our authors didn’t earn money, we didn’t earn money.

For the first few years, that worked well. Then, as automation and software made publishing less confusing for new and established authors, our priorities shifted.

In 2017, it was time to change our business model. We became a co-op.  Today, a new management team – Joe & Mary Fabella – keep watch over most of our day-to-day operations. They’re assisted by friends and freelancers, such as Jane Christmas; she helps with New Forest Books’ marketing.

Today, we’re still a cottage industry, and operate as an indie author co-op. We work with a limited number of authors and illustrators, by invitation only.

What we do, as a co-op:

  • Brainstorm book ideas.
  • Encourage each other through the writing process.
  • Proofread and edit final drafts.
  • Help friends work with book cover designers.
  • Talk new authors through their first books for publishing in print and in digital formats.
  • Help them upload their books to B&N Press, KDP, Draft2Digital, and other distribution options.


Where does the name “New Forest Books” come from?

New Forest is one of our favorite areas in southwest England.  Also, we like the tree reference, since our publishing focus includes digital books, especially Kindle and Kobo editions that save paper… and trees.

Why do many of your books say they’re published by CreateSpace?

CreateSpace is owned by Amazon.com. They make it easy for us to transfer books to our individual authors — at no charge — when they’re ready to go fully indie.

What other authors have you published?

Past friends and associates have included photographer Steve Wells, ghost excavator John Sabol, medium Lesley Marden, and fine artist Marcus McAllister.  We were honored to work with them early in their publishing careers, and value their continued friendships. And, of course, New Forest’s owners are still Eibhlin MacIntosh and her husband. They check in, from time to time.

Are you looking for new authors?

Not at this time.

If you’re ready to be published and need formatting help, we recommend  Draft2Digital.com. They’ll work with you on a commission basis — no up-front fees —  and submit your books to a variety of worldwide outlets.

In addition, Joe and Mary manage their own author services consulting firm. That’s separate from New  Forest Books, and made available to authors who want a more concierge service. Though we recommend the Fabellas, you should feel no obligation to hire them. 

Here’s what Joe & Mary can do for you, as consultants.

  • Help new authors establish an online presence:
    • Secure domain name rights – usually one for the author’s name and one for each major book (or series) he or she writes.
    • Host, create, and maintain their book-related websites – usually, just for the first year.
    • Set up social media accounts for marketing, and create a maintenance hub at HootSuite.
  • Make connections for guest blogging, radio interviews, and YouTube appearances.
  • Schedule book giveaways and other specialized promotional activities.
  • Introduce authors to publicity and marketing professionals for offline visibility.
  • Arrange in-store and library book signings.
  • Brief new authors on conferences and speaking opportunities related to their books.
  • Encourage them to write their next books, as soon as possible. Momentum is essential!

To contact the Fabellas about these services, write to them at FabellaPublishing@NewForestBooks.com