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A Table: Entree

A Table: Entree

Innovative portraits by noted photographer Steve Wells.

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Innovative portraits by noted photographer Steve Wells.

“Steve Wells has already lived several lives. In different eras, on other planets. Steve Wells is bulimic of everything. So what could be more natural than this series of photos in which we see people devouring?

“This is not about tasting. No pinkies in the air, no dainty dabbing of napkins on mouth corners. These subjects are in the most animal of impulses: bent over their prey, playing with their addictions. Eyes sometimes rolled upwards in pleasure.

“All of this while maintaining Nadine de Rothschild’s golden rule: plate, knife, fork. Everything on a horizontal plane that signifies the traditional table. The social codes of the act of eating are there.

“The faces do not lie. This is why the décor is of little importance, a white nothingness that bleeds into the color of the paper. The décor plays second role to the stories of these mise-en-scènes.

“This is a range of images about the relationship between individuals and their work, their creation. What counts is the rapport between the expressions on the faces, the position of hands and the objects being cannibalized. ”

-review by Sabrina Morel

Genre: Other
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Year: 2010
ASIN: 1453612432
ISBN: 1453612432
List Price: $28.95
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