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Black Background Mandalas to Color

Black Background Mandalas to Color
Genre: Coloring Books
Publisher: New Forest Books
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: 0692500790
ISBN: 0692500790

These mandalas will make your colors pop! This isn't your typical coloring book for adults.

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About the Book

These mandalas will make your colors pop!

This isn’t your typical coloring book for adults. Each of these 25 mandalas is printed on a black background. Surrounded by black, each area you color will practically shine like a stained glass window. The light-and-dark contrast makes all the difference.

In addition, many of these dramatic mandalas can be completed quickly. They’re simple by design.

The finished art will look impressive, but the fact is, you won’t need to color as much of the page to complete it.

Get ready for a new way of looking at coloring pages and mandalas. Give black background mandalas a try. They’re a completely different coloring experience.

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