Bold and Easy Coloring Pages 3: Coloring Pages for All Ages

Bold and Easy Coloring Pages 3: Coloring Pages for All Ages
Series: Bold and Easy Coloring
Genre: Coloring Books
Tag: Bold & Easy Coloring
Publisher: New Forest Books
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: 1517723108
ISBN: 1517723108

This is the third book in the "Bold and Easy Coloring Pages" series. It contains 60 fun, relaxing coloring pages printed on just one side of each page.

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About the Book

This is the third book in the “Bold and Easy Coloring Pages” series. This big, bold coloring book contains 60 coloring pages printed on just one side of each page.  Every coloring page was designed with darker coloring lines and bigger coloring spaces.

This book is perfect for people with vision issues, or difficulty holding a coloring pencil or marker, too.

  • The bold lines are easy to see, and — if the coloring isn’t “inside the lines” — the wide black lines can cover minor slip-ups.
  • The larger areas allow for broad movements with crayons, pencils, pens, or markers. And, if they’re too large, a page of coloring tips (near the back of the book) explains ways to embellish open areas so they’re more ornate.

So, books in the “Bold and Easy Coloring Pages” series are ideal for teachers of special needs students, as well as art therapists.

In addition, elderly patients will find both a sense of satisfaction, completing these easy-to-color designs. They’ll also recall happy childhood memories of coloring in books, without feeling “treated like a child,” since these are abstract and artistic designs.

Of course, this book is suited to children ages two and older, as well.

There are 30 designs in this book — two pages of each design — featuring mandalas, kaleidoscope images, and repeating patterns.

If you make a mistake on one page, it’s easy to turn the page and get an instant “second chance.”

(It’s also an opportunity to try different colors than the first one you colored.)

All of these coloring pages are based on the hand-drawn artwork of the author, artist Aisling D’Art. They weren’t computer generated or mass-produced.

Many are in an authentic 1960s style and feature rounded corners and geometric designs reminiscent of the “Magical Mystery Tour” album artwork, and other icons of the hippie era.

If you — or someone you know — will enjoy coloring pages with bold lines and larger coloring areas, this book may be what you need.

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