Coloring Pages of Yesteryear: An Old-Fashioned Fine Art Coloring Book – Volume 1

Coloring Pages of Yesteryear: An Old-Fashioned Fine Art Coloring Book – Volume 1
Genre: Coloring Books
Publisher: New Forest Books
Publication Year: 2015
ASIN: 1518704808
ISBN: 1518704808

A coloring book for artists who appreciate classic landscapes and old-fashioned line drawings, ready to color.

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About the Book

Step back in time to a more peaceful era. Relax with these 50 charming coloring pages, printed on one side of the page.

Each image has been carefully restored from early 20th century coloring pages. They’ll remind you of a time when the pace was slower, life was simpler, and it was easier to appreciate Nature’s beauty.

These coloring designs are very simple. Most are ink sketches of landscapes, and offer you a chance to add your own colors for unique, artistic results. Fine art students and painters will especially enjoy the freedom of these pages.

Let the serenity of these pages spark your imagination, and transport you back to a time when life was a simpler and more satisfying journey.

(Also available in a special edition for left-handed colorists.)

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