Hearts! Volume 3 – A Hippie Coloring Book

Hearts! Volume 3 – A Hippie Coloring Book
Genre: Coloring Books
Tags: Hearts, Hippie art
Publisher: New Forest Books
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 1544031424
ISBN: 1544031424

Kick back, relax, and find your inner calm. Coloring can take you there. 40 new, heart-shaped coloring pages, hand-drawn by Aisling D'Art.

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About the Book

Kick back, relax, and find your inner calm. Coloring can take you there.

De-stress with these 40 fresh, new, hand-drawn coloring pages, created with love by Aisling D’Art. (This is the third in her Hearts! series of coloring books for adults.)

Inside this book are 20 unique designs. Each design is flipped (mirror-style) so you can color the pair the same – or different! – and display them together.

So, you have over 40 total coloring pages.

  • No two are identical.
  • Each design was drawn for this book.
  • Each is within an identical heart-shaped border, so you can display them in sets.
  • Each page is printed on just one side of the page.
  • Some of these designs are simple, for days when you’re ready for broad splashes of color.
  • Others are detailed, to give you maximum relief from everyday anxieties.

If you like the artwork of Peter Max, and “Yellow Submarine,” you’ll like this book. The lines are dark, and blend in a go-with-the-flow style.

Escape to a simpler, happier time with these coloring pages. Aisling is still a hippie, and still creating coloring books with a Woodstock vibe.

Peace, love, and coloring… find your bliss here!

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