Mandela Effect Book Series

One of our long-time authors, Fiona Broome, has been working on a series of Mandela Effect books.

Mandela Effect - Major MemoriesShe’s starting with books based on the archives of her ground-breaking website,

When that website became the focus of controversy, she chose to reduce the site’s footprint and preserve its historic discussions in books.

The first books document the thousands of assorted memories shared by site visitors.

As of 2021, we’re working on second, improved editions with Ms. Broome and Dace Allen.

This is the proposed new cover design, to identify the new editions.

They will be available in digital, paperback, and hardcover editions, to reach a broader audience.

Though many of those comments are 10 or more years old, many still ring true, and resonate with open-minded readers.

Additional books will follow.