Dace Allen

Dace Allen joined the New Forest family as Sarah Skye’s co-author and continues to write books under his own name, as well.

Previously known for his New Age books and “ET” theories, we look forward to his future books. Meanwhile, you can find him at virtual Area 51 conferences – including Coalition51 – and other gatherings of UFO and sci-fi enthusiasts.

In 2021, he took charge of the MandelaEffect.com website, so Fiona Broome can focus on her ghost-related projects. Dace has been a Mandela Effect enthusiast for many years, and will be launching a related website to reveal his own theories about this controversial topic.

Dace Allen, in his own words

I’m a dedicated researcher. I’m at my best when I roll up my sleeves and delve into books, perchance cleverly hidden in corners of academic libraries.

Important history hasn’t been concealed as much as it’s been forgotten. It’s been condensed and cleaned up for public school textbooks. “Unimportant” things were left out. “Small details” were altered.

My research suggests those things were among the most important. When I find a fact or a nuance of history that I’ve never seen before, that’s when I get interested.

That’s led me to remarkable discoveries, including those I share with other researchers, and put into the books I write and collaborate on.

Dace Allen’s books 

The Pleiadians FilesThe Pleiadians Files – This book is the first of its kind, providing serious researchers with reliable, academic and time-honored information about the early, documented history of the Pleiades and the Pleiadians.

This “lost” and hidden history has now been placed before you in black and white. It’s there for truly perceptive people – like you – to understand. In the pages of this book, you’ll find a new understanding of the Pleiadians and how they’ve been part of our spirituality since the beginning of recorded time.

Page by page, from Asian lore to Druid practices to signs left in Egypt’s pyramids, you’ll follow the path that points directly to the Pleiades.

It’s an exciting journey that begins with this book.

Prophecy & The Last Pope – St. Malchy, Nostradamus, the Antichrist, and End TimesProphecy and the Last Pope  (co-authored with Sarah Skye) – Was Benedict XVI the last Pope? Who will follow him, and what marks the true beginning of End Times?

In this book, you’ll discover the eerily accurate prophecies of Saint Malachy. You’ll see what Nostradamus and Mother Shipton said, along with many other mystics who predicted the final days… and your future.

Discover the prophecies. See how they fit together. Learn what to watch for in world headlines. Read this book and be ready for what’s ahead!