Fae Whether Interview

Ms. Whether has joined the New Forest Books family of indie publishers, and we’re proud to publish her first “Whether Reports” book of psychic predictions, Your Future – Psychic Predictions, Oct – Dec 2021.

Here’s our interview with her.

When did you realize you’re psychic?

Gypsy Witch fortune telling card deckIt started when I was about 12 years old. My mother bought me a Gypsy Witch deck for fun. When she saw how accurate my readings were, she was surprised and invited her friends for readings, as well.

After that, especially in college, I regularly read the cards – and sometimes palms – for my friends. More often than not, I seemed to hit the nail on the head with my readings and predictions.

Though I never thought of this as a career, when I’m not in a lab working as a biotech, I still do readings for myself, my family, and others, now and then.

Why did you write your book, Your Future – Psychic Predictions, Oct-Dec 2021?

During 2020, when our lab was redesigned for social distancing, and there weren’t any New Age or psychic fairs for me to read at, I felt lonely. My biotech work is rewarding, but I’ve missed contact with the public.

Until I couldn’t do readings at fairs, I hadn’t realized how much I enjoyed feeling useful to people, in personal terms. I mean, my cats are wonderful companions, but it’s not the same as helping someone get a better understanding about a relationship or a job offer.

My partner suggested this book. And then I wrote it.

How did you do these readings, and how long did they take?

At first, I did a series of monthly readings, October to December, using my Marchetti “Gateway of the Divine” deck. Those readings were overviews of each entire month. Full spreads with lots of details. Each took me a day. Sometimes two days. I wanted to get everything right.

Then, I started reading for each week within those months. That’s when I had to start all over again. The daily readings needed to come first.

After that, I went back to monthly readings, and finally weekly readings, which were kind of a bridge between the monthlies and dailies.

Before writing the book, I also studied astrological influences and numerology, day by day. I wanted to be sure each reading was as accurate and balanced as possible.

Since I did over 100 readings using four decks, sometimes in tandem, those readings took over a month to complete.

Do you have a favorite tarot deck?

Yes, but no.

The Marchetti “Gateway of the Divine” deck is definitely my favorite powerful deck. I’ve owned it for years, and was not surprised when it went out of print and people were willing to pay $500 or more, even for a used deck. (I’d never use a used deck. I want my own energy on it. No one else’s.)

But I won’t read that deck unless I’m certain I want a clear, direct, unwavering answer to my question. That deck doesn’t sugar-coat anything. As I tell my partner, “Don’t ask me to read with that deck unless you’re willing to hear the blunt and honest truth.”

I’m also a fan of the Moonology deck. It’s lighter and more fun, so I’m comfortable using it for a general reading. The astrological notes help me understand the layers of what each card says.

At the moment, I have and use about six decks, and my partner owns nearly as many, including a pretty version of the classic Rider-Waite deck.

Did anything surprise you as you worked on this book?

Yes. Until now, I had never compared numerological predictions and astrology.

To be sure I was giving good information to people using this book, I created my own reference calendars, noting what each day’s numbers meant. Then I wrote down any planetary notes that might be important.

I was so surprised when those two systems were perfectly in sync. I mean it. When the planets suggested that a day might be really powerful, that day’s numerology also stood out (usually as an 11 day or a 22).

There were no exceptions during the three months I studied. None at all.

That seemed really unusual. When I can go back to reading for the public at New Age fairs and the like, I’m going to create calendars like that to consult as I give individual readings.

Speaking of individual readings, can people contact you for private readings?

Not right now. After a steady diet of daily readings, over a hundred in this book, I need some time off. I’m afraid my lab work would suffer if I kept pushing my schedule to its limit. As a biotech, I need full focus to make sure my reports are as accurate as possible. My company’s clients depend on our reliability for products they’re making for the public good.

Will there be a sequel to this book? One for 2022?

Maybe. Since this book is filled with general readings, some will seem more accurate than others, depending on the individual and their circumstances.

I want to see if this book is truly useful to people, before committing to another 100 or so readings for another book like this.

Thanks, Fae, and we wish you the very best with your lab work, as well as any future books.