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Disaster relief

We’re mindful of the distress of many of our friends, authors, readers, and fans. We know you want the relief of reading books you can get lost in… a sense of being in a different world, where happy endings are almost guaranteed.

So, we’re doing all we can to make all of our books (except coloring books, of course) FREE for you to read in Kindle Unlimited.

Featured Book

Small Coloring Book - hippie styleAfter several years in print, Aisling D’Art’s small coloring book, Coloring, Hippie Style, has – once again – surged in popularity.

Relax. Find yourself in a gentler time, when peace and love guided the planet… and inspired the hippie movement.

This small coloring book (5 1/4″ x 8″) will take you back to the 1960s, when art was inspired by the Beatles’ music, posters by Peter Max, and all things Woodstock.

You can download a free sample coloring page at this link.

Featured Author

Jake CamdenJake Camden joins us as a new author writing in the horror sub-genre. His first book is Descent. It’s the prologue to his new series, The Amityville Diaries.

He’s followed-up with his second book, The Haunting of Obedience, co-written with Abigail Clark. It’s a slightly campy ghost story for fans of 1960s’ horror movies.

Jake writes from his dorm room in Vermont, where he’s majoring in Environmental Science, and filling his electives with courses about writing and journalism.

In his spare time, he enjoys lacrosse, and he might spend too many late-night hours playing Fortnite.

Links We Love

Recently, we’ve noticed that author Fiona Broome has written several new, helpful articles at her ghost hunting website,

New fiction authors are encouraged to read Save the Cat! Writes A Novel, by Jessica Brody. You can learn more at her website,

We also love these articles: How to Start Writing Again, by Mike Shreeve, and Scene Layering with an Example, by Rebecca Zanetti.

Site News

We’re rebuilding this website. When we upgraded to a more powerful hosting account, we didn’t realize we’d also move to a new server. Glitches and an out-of-date backup (our fault) created the resulting issue. But, as we see it, thisĀ  gave us a chance to rethink our website and redesign it. That’s in progress right now.