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Jake Camden

Our Newest Author – Jake Camden

Jake Camden joins us as a new author writing in the horror sub-genre. His first book is Descent. It’s the prologue to his new series, The Amityville Diaries. He’s followed-up with his second book, The Haunting of Obedience, co-written with Abigail Clark. It’s a campy ghost story for fans of 1960s’ horror movies. Jake began … Continue reading "Our Newest Author – Jake Camden"

Small Coloring Book - hippie style

Coloring, Hippie Style – A new/old favorite?

After several years in print, Aisling D’Art’s small coloring book, Coloring, Hippie Style, has – once again – surged in popularity. Many of us are looking for a sense of calm in world that seems to be whirling around us. This coloring book can help. Relax. Find yourself in a gentler time, when peace and … Continue reading "Coloring, Hippie Style – A new/old favorite?"

More News

  • Historian and UFO enthusiast Dace Allen is the new manager of the site, and is working on his own new, related website. This will allow Fiona Broome to focus on her long-term interests and topics, such as ghost hunting. (Dace is also writing his own book on the topic, but we don’t expect that until 2022. Dace is a very thorough researcher.)

Small Coloring Book - hippie style

You can download a free sample coloring page at this link.

Links We Love

New fiction authors are encouraged to read Save the Cat! Writes A Novel, by Jessica Brody. You can learn more at her website,

We also love these articles: How to Start Writing Again, by Mike Shreeve, and Scene Layering with an Example, by Rebecca Zanetti.

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We’re rebuilding this website. So far, the learning curve has been steep but worthwhile. Thanks for your patience.